Fire and Rain

a poem by Gautam Dhar

Then we sat around the fire
After that long summer rain
And as the evening began to tire
I asked the old man again

Do you still dream of her at night
After all this time has passed
And do you ever wonder why
About the days that didn’t last

Said I don’t know just why I cry
And all these things that I do
But my love for her will never die
Until my life is through

And as the fire kept burning
Beyond the darkness of the night
I could feel his old heart yearning
Oh I know I heard him cry

Then the old man said with a sigh
All the things I’ll never forget
Oh if I could only ask him why
But lord knows I never did

As I sit back alone on this long summers eve
I so long for the ways that we used to be
For I recall the look in the old man’s eyes
Oh I know he’s just another part of me