The Pathway

a poem by Sindhu Gopalakrishnan

As She walked through the pathway as the morning arise
Silently and slowly feeling the fragrance of the Red Roses all set to bloom
She takes a quick peek into her young life
Memories go years back
She was young with dreams, in her eyes
Dreams which lit like a light,
As if it was a only one bright light (A star) standing alone in the dark sky.

Alone, but not looking lonely as she was embraced by the dark sky
The dark sky an imagination of true life,
Yes an imagination of the dark (a true life)
Which will slowly and steadily one day illuminate, bright light
As she take tiny steps to evolve in life
She sees herself illuminate, illuminate, and illuminate
Such that she finds her surrounded by bright lights and thousands of bright lights

As she walked through the pathway
Rushing her way watching the yellow daffodils dancing and waving in their own way
He takes a deep peek in to her life, memories go back
Struggling with life, still with dreams in her eyes
The bright star standing still alone, embraced closely in disguise by the dark sky
The dark sky a puzzling imagination of true life
Yes an imagination of a true but puzzled life
As she tirelessly and tirelessly works to clear her path
With the hope to illuminate and surround her with bright lights
Her hope remains her hope, just a hope

As She walked through the pathway and the night arrives
Silently but steadily, feeling pure looking at the fresh
But somnolent White lilies about to rest
As she gently runs her fingers through her silver strands of hair
She takes a peak in to her present life
The dreamer, still a dreamer
The bright star still illuminating in the night
This time twinkling on and off, on and off
Trying to look through a majestic mountain
A mountain, out of her reach trying to touch the dark sky
This time real but in disguise looking far away from life
As she take small but firm steps to surround her with bright lights