Poems by
Sindhu Gopalakrishnan

The anonymous (She)

a poem by Sindhu Gopalakrishnan

As the night arrives and about to wind the long day,
My hands stay folded thanking her.
As I visit temples and bow before Devi Durga,
I think of little Durga and her.

As I watch the bold Durga, standing up straight, with beauty and grace.
Black or Coloured, She looks the same, bold, fearless and ferocious.
Without any doubt, fear or apprehensions, little Durga is the same.
I feel thankful a million times, yes a million times and a million times.

As I visualize the way back… “Must be” moment, slowly but anxiously
I see her, the goddess of strength and protection,
Holding her big belly, as she enters the hospital room.
Her emotions unknown, may be in pain and in despair as she lies on the bed.

As the sun was about to set, in pressure and in pain,
Her little Durga comes in to life
The little eyes looked like the most beautiful jewels of this world
And her smile sparkling bright.

She looks at her little durga, her emotions unknown,
Perhaps much of grief and guilt as she leaves her alone…
Her true soul mate waiting for her,
Huge distances apart, anxiously waiting for her.

Oh! my Goddess Durga, the wait seemed endless and endless,
My soul mate… Yes mine and only mine wanting to embrace.
The fearless “little durga” the epitome of strength,
Fought her wars graciously waiting for her soul mate,
And one fine day the heavenly connection was made on this earth.

Happiness grew with no bonds… As I bow my head in gratitude,
I thank her each time… each time
As I think of her, She is surely God’s own messenger on this very earth!