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Being Happy

a poem by Rajarshi Das

Being happy and letting the past go
Is the way to enjoy one’s life
Everybody is best at something
That is what for one should strive.
The life is a mystery with a strange connection,
Every action you make
Seems to have an opposite reaction;
The life stores
A series of blows
With a bit of luck,
Every blow makes you stronger
And overcome the obstacle on which
You have been stuck.
Past gives you experience
A nourishment on which you grow
The life teaches you to learn
How to be happy with what you know.
Being disappointed-dissatisfied-discontent
Shall not bring you what you need at any moment.
Such being life,
Being happy is the only way
For it allows you to think
Using much of your knowledge
Such that you can evade the problem with a sway.