Poems by
Rajarshi Das

A Beautiful Autumn Night

a poem by Rajarshi Das

At the mid autumn night
I see you standing lonely
In darkness
With your long hair riding
On the cool gale of Autumn wind,
There you stand in front of me
A silhouette
Mysterious and beautiful.
The moonlight which plays
Across your calm face
Adds to your mysterious beauty,
With your hair on your face
I caressed your head.
You saw me shocked
“You have kept me waiting for long”
You said,
Tears rolling down from your eyes
I softly embraced you
And held your hands
Then I said
“I am home now so don’t cry”
As much as I smiled
My heart was crying and ripped open
For I felt sorry
For my dead comrades
Who could not feel
This beautiful Autumn night.