Just Ice

a poem by Chakrabarty S K

Lost in the crowd of indifference,
The pale man cried’,
‘I want justice’!

‘Crying here is no solution’;
Somebody said,
‘Because everything here, is
already paid’.

‘Just do a just work,
That’s your last work;
Get caught, Go inside
and, explain’!!

They said, ‘Don’t shout!
You will get just ice,
but no cream.
Get cooled and
freeze for life’.

Tons of air blew
through my society.
There were more crime
than justice.
Justice has no relative,
but justice is relative.
When I do, you are wrong,
When you do I am wrong.

He left the scene bewildered,
murmured, ‘Yes, I do not want
but just ice with little
That’s the end of my brittle