a poem by Jan Oskar Hansen

On the last day of my new birth
I flew across the world,
Mountains, plains, rivers and deep oceans.
Sunsets and sunrises intermingled
With moon and stars in a beautiful,
If turbulent, kaleidoscope of colours.
Looked up, in the hope
That heaven’s door might be ajar,
But it was still firmly shut.

Descend on to a calm churchyard,
In a Nordic village and on granite
Saw my former name and time of death.
It was so peaceful here
That I was tempted to linger
To avoid a new long journey through life,

My mother cried in pain
And to spare her anguish
I was quickly born into human bondage.
When this journey ends
And if I walk softly on morning grass,
Perhaps the door will be ajar
To let me in;
A sweet end
To many a lifetimes travel.