Poems by
Remadevi G


a poem by Remadevi G

I looked for an exclusive gift for you
To suit my endearment in all categories,
Crystals, metals, and materials
Shape, looks, patterns, colours
But could not approve many features
Somewhere, at some points
Turned and turned numerous
But treasures even not worth
For the passion and concern inside
Do not agree with that fondness…

Again, with inner designs, I wandered
Wings of beautiful birds fluttered
Flew in the sky fearless, elevated
Cheerful living examples forward
Feathers so soft and artistic
I wish I could collect all for you…
But the feathers dropped, perhaps
The sign of sorrow or helplessness
That not suit to that excited joy
Feathers inspire only while flying only…

Then, went middle of the spring gorgeous
Flowers welcomed with fragrance
Petals surprised with self imprints
Colours countless in combinations
Thrilled by waves of buds and bunches
Fully mesmerizing gallery of visuals
For a moment I took all the gardens
Since spring ends as drift of seasons
That is not a keepsake to cherish
The endlessly bloomed love for you…

Then went for searching in words
Bookshelves filled with array of choices
Learning and for recreations
I had to select from real feelings
Letters framed become pretty symbols
Descriptions for every moment attributes
Imaginations, silencing the truths
Floated over words and sentences
That too nowhere to express the passions
I failed to find anyone match emotions…

I looked at the sky and appeared as
Sending transmissions to space and sea
Sea raised winds, solidified into clouds
Dropped back to the dancing waves
I found sky, sea and wind laughed
With earth and sun, singing in chorus
Song of the truth, heartfelt undefined
Yearnings wide as the infinite forms
Make senses broad and envisioned
Limitless impassioned emotions
Intensity of which profound, measureless
Preach the feelings a mere gift not worth
For that passion entice to live with love
That emotions are true treasure of mind…
Cherishing the timeless moments for ever.
The priceless gift adoring boundless love.