Water, Water, Water…

a poem by Ramesh T A

Drought in many districts in many States of the Nation
has been alarmingly usual every year!
Proper drainage system and provision of drinking water are the problems yet to be solved
Even after half a century after India got independence from the foreign rulers!

Without water there is no life in the world, which is covered with two-thirds of water,
Which cannot be used for human survival and live longer!
That is the delicate problem we have to deal with so as to survive in the world!
So, providing good water to the people besides electricity, road, transport, health, school
and training centre for job is the priority for any Govt.

Otherwise, only parched earth and dried up lakes and rivers would be the yearly truth
Due to the failure of monsoons, insufficient rain falls and improper planning of the Govt.
And also due to exploitation of natural resources for
food, energy and raw materials for home and industries;
As a result and due to man’s negligence flash floods,
soil erosion and destruction of natural resources occur.
Exploitation sans recycling of natural resources leads to the destruction of
modern developments and development of diseases!

The storage of rain waters in tanks and river waters in dams
save men at severe drought situations;
Not only at the times of monsoon failures do the tanks and dams help men
but for agriculture, power generation and fish culture as well.
Also if the rivers of a nation are linked together,
they may help the nation in a multiple way
Like providing internal ferry services by way of canals, drinking water to all and for irrigating inland areas too!

In the West men sing as “rain, rain go away,” in wail;
But here men sing as “rain, rain come again,” without floods and fail!

Without air, water and food, human survival anywhere is impossible in the Universe;
Air for breathing, water to stop dehydration and food for energy
are basic necessities for human life here!

Scientific search for life and water in other galaxies and planets is only speculative still;
Sun and soil, though solid scenes, cannot evolve life without water anywhere;
So, the discovery of some trickles of water in Mars
is just a beginning to solace ourselves in verse!

Water is the God in the desert as it is the life-blood for all there!
Water of floods is the God of Death if it does not stop soon!
The air in the sky kindles fire to release energy;
But, of all, only water makes Matters out of energy with life on the land!
So, water is all; and without water no Matter can evolve with life anywhere!