Poems on

People’s Tax Money I

a poem by Ramesh T A

Peoples are the heroes of democracy but not the ministers
And the administrators who govern them in any nation!
People pay tax for the maintenance, development and
For running the government machinery of the country;
So the ministers and the government machinery should know
The roles and serve the nation better than before coming to power.

Without the contribution of the people no country can progress;
But politicians play with the people’s money for their pastime!
Also, the bureaucrats enjoying all benefits perpetuate corruption!
Politicians come and go but the bureaucrats stay longer in posts
To scrub away the wealth of the nation for their survival only.
For all the mistakes of the govt. people are victimised always
By frequent price rises and all kinds of taxes to be borne by them.

Actually the tax paying public is the employer of the govt. employees;
So, these public servants should be faithful and truly serve the people.
If war comes or flood comes the national economic loss is borne by them
And whether the ministers or officers work or not total risk is on the people.
Tax money means what? It is not a donation or an alms but
A share of the people’s income given for the good of the nation;
Tax is paid not for the comforts and facilities of ministers or officers
To while away the time without doing any good for the nation
Wastefully on useless projects increasing the debt burden to the people.

For the failures in the implementation of five year plans generally
Ministers blame the officials and the officials blame the ministers!
But people’s tax money is wasted incurring heavy loss to the nation.
Centralised socialistic system is the cause for all the spoils of the State;
Decentralised democratic form of govt. is the solution for this spoil system.

More than 70% of people’s tax money is paid as salary to the public servants
And only 30% of people’s tax money is utilised for nation building activities!
But the govt. machinery doesn’t have people’s approach or even care for them;
So, people have to fight for another national freedom against such infidels!
With this meagre fund how can a nation develop itself in the world?
A nation can only pull on the days without any progress and strength!

Much nonsense is committed in many nations in the name of socialism;
Social justice is not stealing the riches of the rich to fill the pockets of the poor,
But it is to make the poor rich and equal to the rich in all respects in reality.
Many organisations follow the former rather than the latter method to achieve it;
They all should see failures faced by the erstwhile Soviet States and East Europe
And reform their policies to up lift the poor people to achieve social justice.