Poems on

People’s Tax Money II

a poem by Ramesh T A

Other people’s money should not be used as we like or please!
Other people’s money should be returned to others after serving the purpose;
Or other people’s money should be returned to others in some other form!
No one has any right to use other people’s property as one likes!
If it is our property how careful are we to use it for our purpose?
So, if it is people’s tax money it should be productively used as a principle
Without harming the people so as to avoid development of vested interests.

Mobilisation of funds is most needed for nation building activity and clearing debts;
People’s tax money alone is not enough but funds from other sources too needed!
Selling barren lands and detecting black money funds can be raised for the nation;
Liberalising economy and globalising trade increase the economic power
Enabling entrepreneurship to take hold of the reign for development to enhance
The socio-economic status of people on par with the developed nations of the world.

But in reality people work, earn money, pay tax and pull on the days sans hope;
Their children’s education, employment, marriage and their own retirement
Are too difficult to cope with at the ripe old age in this nation of rich culture!
Intelligent men may escape, but innocent men can’t manage at the fag end of life!

Increasing prices of commodities and squeezing out tax money are very bad!
It is easier to harass than to harness honourable people for nation building.
For that they have to answer in some form one day or other in the Court of Dharma
And what sort of punishment they have to undergo will be decided by the Lord!

Abusing power they may escape before the eyes of the public but not before Dharma,
Which will punish them all without fail till they correct themselves or till they die!
Power, which comes from God, if used against Him, the user will become poor, sure!
The last resort for such sinners would be God only for redemption, a true fact!
If the God is merciful those sinful men may be saved; otherwise no hope for them!

People are the Gods in any democratic country and before their power
Bureaucratic or ministerial powers are matchless in the world ever!
So, this the power wielders should know and utilise people’s tax money
Wisely and properly to up hold the honour of the nation in the world!