The Future

a poem by Jonasdoss

My Future
I can sit and dream all night and day,
Everything will work it’s own way,
Let’s say I’m placed in a room, in a chair,
With nothing, no one, just me and air.
And I sit in this room with no light,
Look up and down from left to right.
Trying hard to imagine something around,
But no luck, no movement nor sound.
I close my eyes and pretend,
Of what could be here from end to end.
I fix it nice and pretty in my mind.
Everything’s good and the people are kind.
Day after day, I’m cleaned and fed,
Night after night, the chair’s my bed.
At night I dream, not complain or whine,
Everyday I think everything’s fine.
Then I get bored, same ‘o goes on,
And the chair hurts my every bone.
Finally I’m taken into the light,
And nothing’s the same as my insight.