I Saw…

a poem by Kasim Master

A vision came to life,
a memory stepped out
Of the past, and walked into
the present, and all that
I had laid to rest,
revived in a flash,
and I became young again!

It’s a trick of fate,
to confront you,
with an object or person
in memory buried,
and wash away all
the efforts made, to
have it lost in the past!

The love that I had
for this person, unrequited
remained. And forlorn
I had buried it deep
in the well of the past,
and went on with life.

Somewhere, deep there
remained, however,
a sense of loss,
dulled with time,
yet with a sense
that there was something
unfulfilled, distant,
like a painting or poem
which you see or read,
and find something missing;
so with my life-
A sense of incompleteness!

And then, last evening
a vision came to life,
a memory stepped out
of the past, and
I was young again, the
flood gates opened, and
my life took a tumble,
would I be the same again?