Reliable Friends

a poem by Elaine E. Howie

I jumped out of the shower-soaking wet
Doorbell and phone ringing blaring was the TV set
I grabbed the phone snatch up the remote
I push the button to the phone as I ran to the door

Yes my mind was in disarray
For today I learned you’d went astray
Susanne stood there my best friend
With one look she took it all in

I said hello and there you were
Speaking to me as if you really cared
I was shocked and somewhat perturbed
Because my trust you had disturbed

I asked you just what you wanted now
You said to make it right somehow
I could not do this not tonight
I was not over our little fight

I needed some time just to think
Right now my love with you stinks
I looked at Susanne real quick
She gave me the strength I need to give you a kick

As I put the phone down and slid to the floor
I knew within myself I could not take anymore
I cried that night with my best friend
But I’ll be all right without you in
The End