Cross Changes

a poem by Elaine E. Howie

I had meant to retrieve a stolen love
So I prayed again for my hearts tug
But found that you had given it away
So now I wait for someone that loves me enough to stay

I know that you sing inside my head
You hold onto my heart as if it weren’t dead
You reach inside yourself
And still there is no help

I don’t sanction my peace off your love anymore
You have this once moved too far on the dance floor
Of love and lust and affection I can’t play this game
I can’t stay and wait for your name

I already know it by heart it is imbedded in my soul
And you care very little yes you are cold
I have finished all the thoughts I had
It seems these days I just make you mad

But wait you declare
We have many more ties to share
Well no, we really don’t, not together
I think this was your last, now are never

So I move on inside myself
And I release all else
I loved you so much before
And you search yet for more

I am not to be shared
You really couldn’t have cared
I don’t know if I can tell you again
I love you and I will until the end
The End