If only I could…

a poem by Natasha Girglani

I surrender myself to the stars
lost in my limelight
the darkness is blind
beliefs at it’s peak
as it soars to the zenith
their eyes and their vision
matter no more to the day.
It couldn’t hurt me anymore
couldn’t steal my thunder
couldn’t take me away
from the rain.
The droplets are now
little fragments of power
soaking your bed full of thorns.
The blood gushes out,
but the water heals the wound,
how I wish I could transform those dreams.

For a dream is all I have,
I can only envision,
the power is not in my hands.
But if I did have a chance
I’d bring that night to life,
I’d risk all of my cards in this game.
I’d fall, dying of weakness,
yet rise up again,
take you up with me, to the clouds.

The end is expected,
and it may be near,
best believe-
it won’t touch our lives.
For until I’m caught
in death’s cold, frozen grip
until the last moments of life,
I’ll be right beside you,
be your soul, bring you life,
I’ll die… yet live with you… forever.