How long will us be?

a poem by Maryse Saldanha

A good friend asked, “How long will us be?
Few days? Few months? Or several years?”
Then I knew not what to say,
But then I thought and heard me say

I do not know where destiny will lead us today
I do not know when I shall cease to see the light of day
So why let fear of future, dampen our present joy?
Let us live life to the fullest and each moment enjoy

You are a part of my life, etched forever in my memory
And no matter how things change, there you will always be
Just as the river flows surely to the sea
Someday, somewhere, we shall meet

If I were to die today
Satisfaction to my grave I take
The knowledge that my friend you’ve been
Makes me content, a satisfied being

I ask of the lord to bless you now
Grant all your wishes, may your sorrows be gone
I love you dear, wonderful are you
God strike me dead dare I forget you