a poem by Kamar Sultana Sheik

If you can hear my footsteps…
Long after I cease to walk:
And know I came visiting…
And sense the soft silence of greeting-
Without having to talk.

When my mute call, you clearly heard,
And woke up, knowing that I remembered-
Sleepless, because I had not slept
Your eye watered, when I had wept.

If I can see the smiling twinkle in your eyes
When they can no longer see.
And know they’re looking for me,
And feel the fragrance that is You.
Then surely I know, you’re my Twin Soul true!

And then this bond shall still remain the Earth, upon.
After all things die, that are born:
And knowing that you without, I’ll never be whole,
I’ll be sure to follow the footprints of thy Soul!!!