Last Words

a poem by Vinod Sharma

Oh friend,
you visit my place when
I may be sleeping in the graveyard then!

My mom will ask where is my child,
Knowing this she may go wild,
You say,
Aunty just cry for a day.

My dad will ask where is my son,
tell him one of your tension`s gone.

Bhai will ask where is my brother,
Knowing this he’ll be happy rather,
He’ll jump on his toes and say wow!
there’s nobody to trouble me now.

My love will ask where is my Life,
my last wish was to make her my wife!
From the very next day, tell her,
she’s free to go on her own way!

And you my friend,
do not cry as your duty part,
I know what lies beneath your heart,
These are the last words Vinod says
You’ll forget me within two days