a poem by Manoj R Lulla

We all need them and we all have them,
Our lives’ they very well comprehend…
Sweet as angels and precious as Gems…
Here on Earth we know them as

Some of mine, whom I adore,
For higher studies have gone offshore…
With a “Million things” in their to do list,
To be in touch with me, they often miss

Some of mine, who are super brains,
Toil hard out here day ‘n’ nite, be it summer or rain
Solving assignments at IIT and UDCT,
I wish all the best for the future of these technocrats to be

Some of mine, or I guess one of mine,
With whom the “Most vulnerable” friendship I share
At times shows ultimate care and on others leaves me in despair,
Not the best, but a good friend currently,
I wish it stays the same till eternity

Some of mine are very busy indeed,
Initially kept in touch but later did recede,
We talked, we laughed Hee Hee Hee
See I still remember you for my notes of IPC

And for all those whom I’ve missed on above,
I thank you, for all your love…
No matter how tough this life may pretend,
I’ll overcome all hurdles as long as I have you all as my