Poems by
Manoj R Lulla

A journey called life!

a poem by Manoj R Lulla

This is a journey from cradle to pyre,
Chasing our dreams and million desires,
Enacting many roles more often that of a liar,
Ignoring the ultimate truth that we all belong to earth or fire…

Running behind the myth called happiness we fall,
Lamenting of our ill fate and sorrows we start to crawl,
Crawl on the rough path known to us as destiny,
We struggle to realise our dreams, but they are just too many…

While trotting this path of destiny we build relations,
We want them by our sides during our trials and tribulations,
Not many of them even over a period of time build so strong,
But the one which do we want them to last long…

Finally the truth is what we all know,
Alone we had came and alone we will go,
Dreams and relations were just ornaments
And this body was just a dress that we wore,
Completing our duties with honesty and
Leaving behind everything will mark the true “Victory of our Soul”