Message to my Valentine

a poem by Mukul Lukhey

That’s my heart speaking,
every moment,
I wish I was there,
with you,
holding your arms,
loving you,
‘n’ huggin you,
‘n’ so warm is your kiss,
I wish I never miss.

With that wish in my heart,
I want you to know,
you are the love of my life…
a reason for me to be…
and I wish there were more ways to say,
all that you mean to me,
To be, you are so far,
Yet so near to me…

How much I love you,
that I can’t say…
but, what I can say is,
you take my breath away
today and every day

Blowing a kiss from across the miles.
To my valentine,
To the lady of my life.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

(Miss you!)