In anticipation…

a poem by PCVC

Yes! was there not so much of eager, before
Till the angel to come blew up the furore!
Not really can I imagine how it looks and feels…
Never to know how much it reflects my dreams;
Sure it takes heart-full of love or more it could,
A creature, so pure as drops of rain in the unaffected wood
While it realizes who am I, and sees a world in my lap
How I were to cherish that ecstatic mammalian trap!
As the first teacher what can I say; to begin with-
Here is your papa and others who multiply your mirth!
Everywhere, as it follows me – clinging to my robes,
How pious the path it to be – withstanding all probes!
Well, me, the de-facto guide to a world full of smiles-
Has to groom wings of virtues as its thinking flies!
Isn’t it the ultimate of tests for a mother in me,
As I anticipate the outgrowth of the family tree?!