Failure and inspiration

a poem by Mathangi Venkatesan

When I fail,
I become so pale,
I disappoint my mother
And shed off like a feather.

When I cried and shed tear(s)
I crush the hope of my dear and near.
I feel dejected and depressed,
I am under pressure and stressed.

I agree, I accept my fault,
But I promise I will not halt,
I will avenge the defeat
And I am sure I can beat.

Will this be a stepping stone?
Yes, my confidence has just grown.
Should it be a turning point
Or just a broken joint?

No! I will do my best
And excel in God’s test.

An inspiration
Yes, you have failed,
your fate is not yet mailed
Your parents are there to guide
To take you in their stride.

Failure is the stepping stone of success
Your confidence? Away it thrown.
But never ever mourn
While others do frown
Show your confidence has grown.

Forget the past and think of the future,
Only with hard work, you will grow in your stature,
Forget the past, don’t think everything is lost,
Make sure this failure is your last.