Poems by
Mathangi Venkatesan

When my dream crashed…

a poem by Mathangi Venkatesan

For nearly more than a decade,
Not a day I had failed to dream about it
Not once my eyes didn’t sparkle on looking at it
Not a prayer had been uttered without asking for it.

But all of a sudden- it all seemed to fade,
There was no fruit for all my work
Looking at the same dream I could now merely smirk
With grief i went almost berserk.

Why did my dream evade me?I felt so betrayed
The result had been announced
But my dream, could not be renounced.
This day in my life has from then been very pronounced…

But life doesn’t stop- and so it did progress
But did a day go, without thinking about it? Never!!!
The unfulfilled dream seemed to remain a scar forever,
The only difference was I now had a new endeavour.

And yes – my efforts now did achieve success.
Still, after many years have gone by,
My heart craves for that dream, which I cannot deny
And the eyes that once sparkled looking at it, now can only cry.

Why, with that dream have i been so obsessed???
Coz its one which from my childhood days I longed for,
Today though I have come a long way, that humble elusive dream I adore
Not a day goes without thinking(but not dreaming) about it like once before…