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Every Morning Ever…

a poem by Sudarshan Madhav Karhale

Early in the morning,
a bright sun has arisen
in the clear blue sky,
painting the distant horizon
with colourful shades–red, orange, yellow
spread wide,
up and high.

Opening the window curtains,
a golden light enters a small bedroom;
scaring off the evil shadows
like a timid kitten with a dusting broom.

Snoring of a lazy kid
is supplanted by belly’s rumbling;
Rushing quickly for the dining table,
it’s time for a tasty fruit dumpling.

On the way,
you hastily go,
stopped in the tracks by a loving mother;
stepping backwards slowly to the shiny washroom
to rinse the yellowish teeth
along with a younger sister or a brother.

After dancing and singing playfully
under the fine droplets of a magnificent shower,
you find yourselves a dry bathrobe;
it’s now already your working hour.