Tsunami-A Mayhem

a poem by Ramaswamy L N Prof.

Chiding Waves in a jiffy have betrayed entirely the human force
Causing significant damage to coastal community
Spread around all over the world leaving us sans resource
Triggering every soul making us weep without immunity

Lo! Taking people by surprise and shock leaving them to mourn
Forever orphaned before the universal force kneeling down
Emerging from the bay of Bengal sweeping across, the earth torn
Crumbling every life moving them go out of gear with frown

Naming thyself as harbour waves otherwise as tsunami
Engulfing the human force within you for unknown cause
Gripping with panic knowing not the cause for fury canny
Leaving every one to suffer in silence cursing without a pause

A mighty grief, is it for humanizing the souls
Or is it for making us in future truthful to ourselves
Or to resolve ourselves and atone for our life fouls
Quieten down our hearts reposing confidence in our inner-selves

Whatever be thy plan of action engraved on people
We kneel down and pray before you oh! Lord in supplication
To discipline us by softer means not by devastating huddle
And leave us to lead a quiet life hovering not with implication