Oh Lord! Oh Ayodhya

a poem by Ramaswamy L N Prof.

Oh what a disaster what a bloody national tragedy
Why this height of passion and tempers of some men
Frantic committed destruction at thy place of birth Oh Almighty
Leaving every human in the world aghast breaking the nation
Oh Lord! Thou are ONE to all the multitudes of living beings
Whether they be Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs or Christians
Moulded with the same blood, body, flesh and feelings
Running in their beating veins the patriotism as Indians
Oh Lord! Why then this blood shed and Hindu Muslim psyche
Was it to make an onslaught and destroy humans
Or was it further prove thy force of anger in height
Or was it to unite we Indians strong in future as one Union
Demolition of a temple, a Mosque, Gurudhwar or a Church domain
It equals demolition of hearts of crores of people of the world
Destructing the very core of human value of every Indian
That can never be remedied or reconstructed but remains untold
Unity in diversity and multiples of religion are our motherland’s culture
Salutations to Her as an Indian is everyone’s privilege
Who has fanned this dormant sentiment into a raging fire
And for what purpose this devastating sacrilege
Mahatma, father of our nation would have this least dreamt
When he got freedom from struggle with invaluable sacrifices
He parted the country on Independence at the behest of leaders then in front
To lead a peaceful life with happiness, devoid of difficulties
Whatever be the reasons Oh!Lord! we pray thee in supplication
With unity of mind and thought seeking thy blessings
To give us the mind and strength to come closer to find a solution
And lead a life worthy of emulation in the coming hundreds of years