The Fool and the Star

a poem by Pawas Bisht

I was walking down the road of life,
Stumbling for the night was dark,
I longed to find a light,
For the shadows were menacingly stark.

Suddenly everything seemed brighter,
Puzzled I looked up to the sky,
What a glorious sight it was,
It made me utter a joyous cry.

A beautiful star, a one brighter,
I had never seen!
Even the milky moon seemed to
Turn an envious green.

The star seemed to me a little lost,
A stranger perhaps to this part of the sky,
The nearby stars paled by its light,
Seemed to give it an unfriendly “Hi”

As I looked at it with loving eyes,
I uttered a silent prayer of thanks,
For He had sent me a presence divine,
To lead me through the dark, to guard my flanks.

I thought the star took a liking to me,
for beside me it always did stay,
I for once started to believe,
It would never go away.

The nights didn’t seem lonely at all,
I had a star I could call my own,
Even a treacherous path could be a pleasure to tread,
This was a fact I had never known.

I had longed for a friend, a friend that was true,
I longed to tell it, I’m so glad I found you,
Walking below its soothing light,
Everything seemed to be going right.

Then something happened,
I don’t know what,I don’t know why,
The star just seemed to say a cold “Goodbye”
It grew distant night by night, leaving me with the dark to fight.

I realised what a fool I had been,
To forget the distance that lay between,
Never dare to live a dream,
For things are not what they often seem.

And never, my friend,
Should you dare to call a star your own,
This was one fact,
I should’ve known.

A star is but a distant star,
It may seem near, but it is very far,
And remember, you’re just another guy,
Walking lonely underneath the sky.
I do hope I write another song,
To tell everyone how I was proved wrong.
Will I???