A tragedy that will live ever after

a poem by Subhajit Sarkar

Heart of New York, pride of USA
World Trade Centre is a history today
Towering twins was set ablaze
By calamity which was manmade
Not spared was the World’s most secured zone
The renowned complex pentagon.
Morning activities were in motion
A tremor in the building caused commotion.
Run for safety was in vain
An airstrike has uprooted its vein.
Lasts efforts of rescue was just taking shape
Another boeing crashed, confirming no escape.
Helpless humans running helter skelter
None to offer the dying, even a glas of water.
Thick black smoke blanketted the place
Giving finishing touch to the menace.

All of a sudden the loudest sound
The entire WTC was razed to ground
Crumbled like a pack of cards
A great creations of mankind built in years

Pentagon was stormed
A place which the World bowed,
A challenge to the World’s strongest defence
Showing that terrorism is the worst nuisance.

People were seen evacuating the city
But thousands lie underneath oblivious to the widespread panicky,
Terrifying, agonising and heart breaking
Everyone around had such a mixed feeling.

No words to express the grief
The incident shattered the mans believe,
Terrorists are sadist it was well known
But such barbaric activity they never have shown.
Streets of Manhatten are still crowded
With friends and relatives of those buried dead.
They should be suppressed once for all
Forced to live long,
Without basic necessities, like a fish out pond.
Nearing their death, yet so far
Everyday of their life they must suffer,
Thus setting an example for the human race
Terrorism is a nightmare, and not a means to resolve problems we face.