On Friendship

a poem by Manjula

On Friendship…
It is as beautiful as the sunset hues
that stain the sky,
So soft, yet hesitant,
like an evening breeze that
kisses my lips and holds me tight.
Something as wonderful as the morning due,
Or the bowl of stars so vibrant and new!
Something as fragile as a young man’s pride,
Just as resounding as an asunder sky!
An oasis in a desert of sin,
Like a palm that sways in harmony,
to the rhythm of the winds!
As warm and beautiful as an english summer,
That those who seek comfort in it are blessed forever!
The epitome of all that is perfect and good,
Just as it is the sweet essence of childhood!
As intense as lightning when it strikes,
Just as it is te Lord almighty’s blessed child!
A bundle of joy so gay and dear,
Something I will hold on to till my last breath disappears.