Story of thy Heart

a poem by RajaShekaran S

Painted in my heart are the colours of love,
As, I have never seen such a lovely Queen,
Didn’t you realise you stole my heart?
Making it skip a beat at your every move,
Are you the eighth wonder of the world!
Pirate of my heart its taking thy toll,
Ruptured in ecstasy, I am falling apart,
Is this bliss or naive love?
You are an angel in disguise,
Are you the reason God made a girl?
I have never felt craze like this before,
Loving you is a God done grace on me,
Often the sun envied your shine,
Virgin you shouldn’t break my heart,
Every thing changed since you came,
You steal my dreams and run away,
Odyssey of my love when will it end?
Uprooter thy heart, let me be your knight!