a poem by Sumita Jagannathan

When I was younger
I was happier
Under the cloak of innocence

I laughed and played
and made merry
like little girls do

When I was a little older
I understood the difference
between right and wrong

I climbed trees
basked in sunny days
was still a little girl

I remember a good friend
one who helped me climb
ready to catch me if I fell

The confidence she gave
the courage she imparted
I still possess

There have been many
friends who have helped me
Traverse life’s path

Without them, I’m sure
this little girl
would have never grown up

I’d like to say so much
to everyone of them
But words fail me

The love they gave
the hope they instilled
words still sound in my ear

Life is one crazy race
I gather that now
I’m living it everyday

The pillars of strength
my darling friends
thanks to you all, I’m ready