Crushed for Crush

a poem by Chetan Bhatia

To date I led a happy lonely life,
All my joys and pleasures,
Didn’t made me realise,
What more could I have,
Makes one feel wicked,
Yet purer than godly pious,
Could be sweeter than honey,
Gives me dreams,
All mushy and nice,
For my sweetheart,
Fonder my heart,
Fly in air,
Like I don’t care,
Flames of desire,
Takes me higher,
Emotions and feelings,
Passion and heat,
I surrender myself,
To ache so sweet.

You spoiled my miserable life,
Stagnated my suffocated world,
Without you I use to feel so complete,
Your love shattered the FOOL’S paradise,
Now I know all that happy I was,
It is nothing but pack of lies.

With you came another one,
Who says he loves me,
More than moon and sun,
All just for me, he says,
Is his love and passion.

Makes my world a kingdom of joy,
Gives me love beyond any measure,
To share and give, his heart and soul,
And bring to me life’s very pleasure.

Between love and fantasy,
I stand between a crush and being crushed,
Either my heart will have it all,
Or down the toilet it will be flushed.

In most of my hours,
I am confused and I weep,
On one side there are stars,
In a night so lonely and deep,
Elsewhere it is tunnel of love,
Filled with unknown and darkness,
But I have a promise to keep,
Whether I made the choice,
Or it is forced on me,
I wish I don’t regret,
And hurt none of us three,
I hope it has a happy ending,
So I go peaceful to my long sleep.