Poems by
Chetan Bhatia

Please don’t go away

a poem by Chetan Bhatia

Once upon a time,
a fairytale so true;
blessed were my stars,
I proposed you…

You came so early,
from so far away…
like a dream of many past lives,
became so real today.

When in love,
life becomes a tale of romance…
When with love,
world is full of fragrance.

Love is my reason,
to eat and sleep,
love is my ocean,
to swim far and deep…

Hidden in your eyes,
mysteries of cosmos infinite,
dipped in milky moon,
is my beautiful starlit night.

Cocktail so exotic,
wine and chocolate chips,
taste of honey,
are your blood red lips…

In the desert of hardness,
happiness flows like nile,
cure for all my ills,
the glow of ya beautiful smile.

Every night I count my blessings,
something god gives to chosen few,
thanks a million to the great lord,
I got you

Please please please,
never say you will go away,
without you in this life…