October Evening

a poem by Rishab Shanker

The world that is is not what I want
the world I want is too far to reach out
circumstances lead me elsewhere
ever so far yet so close
behind closed eyes doors open
into space and whatever is beyond
past to my left and
the future to my right
flying free through the night
hide and seek with day light

Dreamy thoughts and funny feelings
all the doings of an October evening.

You are what you do but do you
really do what you ought to do?
Stagnant body and lightning mind
always searching, trying to find
fixed future and elusive dreams
a desperate call for a change of scene
haunting strains caress my brain.
Mind is free but body refrains
imagination is the key
or so I’ve heard,
the key is there but the
vision of the doors are blurred.

Crazy thoughts and crazier feelings
all the doings of an October evening.