Poems by
Rishab Shanker

The futile search

a poem by Rishab Shanker

A million days I’ve spent
looking high and low
searching for the one
the one I don’t but long to know.

Faces passing by in a slideshow
in brilliant flashes of light and colour
but the longing grows
as the search stretches forever.

Not a messiah or a saviour
not an angel or a deliverer
a reflection of me and my mind
easy yet hard to find.

As I turn a corner there I see
and my mind begins to fly
happiness unconditional
satisfaction inexplicable.

As I reach out and wrap my fingers around
the vision turns into a mirage
the mirage into a dream
so close yet so far away
fate and destiny conspire
and send me hurtling towards
emotional oblivion.

A brilliant flash of black light
burns my dream into the ground
and all I’m left with is
ashes of my love all around.