Midsummer Dream

a poem by Suman Kumar

Melancholy; the clouds sang. Grey, grey; the skies sulked
The gushing waves had a secret to tell; of the impending storm that none can quell
Sea gulls fly, wary and circumspect; the east still dark, profound and suspect
I’ve been waiting to catch the glory of dawn and the beauty of a midsummer morn
Anxiety builds with every passed minute frustration creeps pushing me to the limit
The fisherman sang, hopeful and brave, ‘But of no avail!’ I rant and rave
I turn around to walk away; from the unyielding skies and the bay
Never were my feet so heavy and lazy. Never have I seen a dawn so sad and hazy
The scurrying crabs paused to empathise.The conniving clouds failed my hopeful eyes
And suddenly the voice called out to me. I turn around and I scream ‘It just can’t be!’
Between the clouds; conspiracy and vile, stood my lord shining and with a smile
His golden rays reach out to embrace. Shooing away the gloom without a trace.
I close my eyes blinded by a miracle. To relish, to cherish; the grace and the spectacle
A lifetime of misery and infinity of pain is worth it if you, are blessed and not vain