Go on Dreaming…

a poem by Ramya R

I want to dream, dream and dream
Of a lost ray of beam
Which brings to me a thousand hope
That couldn’t be given even by pope

I am soaring high and high
Flying high and reaching sky
Plucking out stars and the moon
Seeking from Gods the best of boon

I have my own world in my dream
Of a beautiful palace, I am the queen
In fantasy world there is so much peace
And clear skies and wonderful seas

I could dream of all good thing
I could spend my days just dreaming
Could anyone stop me? No they cant
The dream gets me whatever I want

The dream brings you the realization
Of the future’s visualization
The dream is always good hope for future
Of desire’s seed that you have to nurture

Of course, some desires get never fulfilled
But, in dreams they are long lived
Right now, I am the topmost of the cream
Come on!!! Envelope me Dream!!!