The Dream – The Mirage

a poem by Aishwarya

When darkness wrapped up my dozy eyes,
And there existed only calmness and quiet,
A sudden flash of this mortal world,
Enthralled me for my slumber time.

A cheery sight of happiness and May,
The meadows greened with grass and throng,
The lush sight and interminable delight,
I wished this splendour would prolong.

I was ecstatic, when, oh! Dear!
I saw the stormy sea just sneer,
With appalling waves and fearful sight,
I could sight my end’s frontier.

I fell into the trap of passionate instinct,
As, with surprise, I reached the shore,
I could feel the adhesive longing for life,
My soul and body stirred and glowed.

Then an “autumn leaf” withered away,
Did I get up from my actual sleep?
The sleepy dream of perishable life,
Did I perceive from within the deep?

Life is an antithesis of dreams,
Maybe it is the dream of fathomless sleep,
The dream where I lead life,
A Mirage- waiting to awake, will I succeed?