a poem by Reeti Roy

I’ve built walls around me
I’ve been floating underground…
In a myriad of broken dreams.
Come let us paint the skies together
With green stars and purple rainbows
And leap across the fields and meadows
And sheaf through those old scrapbooks
And remember the shadows of promises
Cheap stilted ones, written on pretty yellow paperon rainy days.
Come on, blue eyed devil, Come to me at last
I thirst for your touch.
Hold my hand and take me,
Where moonbeams do not smile,
Where the beasts rest in delight and scavengers make merry
Drinking wine and savouring guacamole.
Marble fields and concrete flowers
Blueberry dreams and buttercups
Come now, let us paint the skies together…
With Green stars and purple rainbows
Let us listen to the blue song of the violin
The crying call of the leprechaun
Let us go far, far away to mystical lands
Where the sands smell of coffee-stains
Let us feel the midnight magic, in an opium trance
Where the jagged twilight trickles in
And you disappear, unseen
Now, it’s me… and me alone.