I saw a pleasant dream!!

a poem by Manoj R Lulla

Yes I saw a pleasant dream,
We were together and out of joy I was to scream,
You looked in my eyes and I, in yours,
We dint even notice around us the crowd and chaos,
Between ourselves we were fully engrossed…

Your sweet scent took me on cloud number nine,
Intoxicated me, without whisky or wine,
I felt so fresh and everything seemed so fine,
That I couldn’t resist but ask you out to dine…

The candle lit the table and my desires,
Pretending to be cool, but within me there was a fire,
I held your hand close to my heart,
And you realised whose name in each of its beat it was…

“Lucky Me!”, I thought to myself,
To take things further, I prayed to God for his Help,
We got close enough to hug each other…
And “Wake up you moron, you’re late!!”, shouted my mother…
Yes indeed I saw a pleasant dream!!!