Polaris Nimbus

a poem by Vinayak

Thy gleam that shines eternal will e’er catch the eye,
Thy purity, evermore, makes the jealous dewdrop cry.
The Beauty that thou doth adorn is beautiful no more,
But thee, in thy wondrous golden nest she too will, doubtless, adore.
The Sun, in thy breath-taking presence, doth lose his brilliant lustre,
And the Moon is divested of her heavenly exuberance,
   though strength by strength doth she muster.
When Thy Grace do hold court celestial the bravest of brave doth stutter,
Thy holy name, even if softly whispered, each heart doth set wildly aflutter.
All in all, thy virtues do by far outplay thy vices,
Hence every mortal doth love thy charm in all thy Earthly guises.
I have, thy infinite glittering facets, on many an occasion witnessed,
And for all those glorious moments, O Diamond,
   by the gods, I am plentifully bless’d.