Departure in Demand

a poem by Meena Nanda

The bravest body had always died
What then deepest love?
We may not meet and chat
only glances voicelessly.
A fairly long good bye!
Oh god thank we have not
taken oath of togetherness,
let us estrange ourselves.
Clouds will go soon,
stars will be visible,
same as sky and moon
sun will unveil the secrecy.
The farewell to undeclared love.
for the commitments of not seeing,
our faces may have artless grace
tears erasing all love trace.
Do not stand pale motion motionlessly,
you are not the first to face,
certain hearts are made to bear
forget and forgive demands the race.
A bell may ring within after sometime
out of a perfect calm mind you are blessed.
Will try to snatch you away infinite,
for memories are bright and glories.
This the rule, dare not disobey,
darkness grabs the sea as the town.
Then we have thousands radiant lamps
to dim encircling lines , one morning will
come entering new magnifying present.

Conscious pulse is blind
One youthful noon rain
utterly musical
No stars no darkness
in the wake of light
Blood voyaged your body
tangible endearment
in the lack of right
Do you remember you had said
you are ambition
covering my face with hands
your looks are words
lips are mating birds