A love story

a poem by Zharathustra

And then he screamed the maggots cry
And plunged into the flesh which dared not deny
Give me your secrets and I’ll let you be
Your desires and passions on them I’ll feast
But mind and heart to him she kept closed
So he forced her open and took what he could
But in the midst of his madness, his playful torture
He had a vision of his toy filled with laughter
In her breast was a jewel shining with the brightest of lights
He hissed and cowed and fled from the light
For years he wandered among mountains and fools
Dwelt in the wilds with sages and scribes
Driven by a need he did not understand
An insistent whisper in his head
And then one day as he stood in a clearing
Feeling the rays of the sun gently searing
It came to him that what he craved was his lady’s light
Though not to possess but to share in the night
Triumphant he came back to her and said
Look my heart is whole and ready to give what I did Take
Come with me I am monster no more
Look my lady my horns are off
But her eyes were closed as her heart and mind
Her ears filled with the moons lamenting sighs
And the jewel he had once seen shine so bright
Its light was dimmed and darkened with fright.