a poem by Christuraj Alex

God made human beings into man and woman,
Never coloring them into white, black, or brown;
His image, he poured into them, in-mold golden,
And adorned them – gems into a gorgeous garden…

Demons-turned humans formed casts, colors, creeds, and sects,
Each looking another as suspicious objects;
Filled the earth with injurious impurities,
Thus marring the beauty of God’s priorities…

Realizing – sin against each one – ugliest’
Outlook on persons and events must be honest;
Human beings need to remove the filth in them,
And become melodies of the heavenly thrum…

When the laws and the legal system turn racists,
When rulers follow the principles of fascists;
When policies do not benefit the rustics,
Who would the innocent poor approach for justice?

Endangered, like wounded birds, enthusiasm died,
Victims of faiths in deserts of dangers abide;
Divisions made by deadly decision-makers,
Dread the helpless, labeling them as lawbreakers…

May inequalities, like dead leaves, fall away!
May everything that hinders human growth give way!
May, love, fraternity, and liberty long live!
May everywhere human cause and humanism thrive!