Premature Fall

a poem by Babu V V

Where she has gone?
I looked for her in the gardens.
I looked for her at the banks of the river.
I looked for her in the valleys of the country side.

I could find her, wherever I look, moving like a butterfly.
Today I looked everywhere.
I could not find her anywhere.
Here she has gone?

She was in her sweet seventeen, the blossom period.
Her eyes were big and bright.
Her palmy hair was thick and black.
Though short, she was stout.

Headache and vomiting disturbed her often.
None paid serous attention.
The other day severe pain hurt her.
She was taken to the Doctor with a heavy heart.

She thought of the dress to wear during the house warming.
She thought of the room she selected in the new building.
She thought of the furnishing that has to make in her room.
However, all her thoughts were futile.

None thought the time was running out.
God invited her to be at his side.
She was preparing to leave her temporary home.
Her sphygmus weakened and lost.

Doctor pronounced her death.
Her soul departed from where it has come.
Her body was put in the coffin.
Friends and relatives surrounded her.

Everybody was found weeping.
Few thought one day they would also lie like her in the coffin.
The bereaved ones called her out as if she is sleeping.
She did not respond.

Some kissed and hugged her.
She did not move.
Her eyes were half-open.
However, she did not see anybody.

Her mouth was partially open.
None gave her anything to drink.
She was taken to the graveyard
Coffin lowered into the grave.

Everybody surrounded poured dust on her.
She joined the dust with which she was made.