a poem by Urvi Malhotra

She knew she had finally arrived
To the place where no one cried
For this world appeared so blurred
She spoke nothing but a word.

“At last” said she
with a glimpse of her family.
She knew she had suffered a lot
But with all her spirits had she fought.

One card fell alone
The ‘castle of her life’ broke,
But still she turned
With a hope of despair that now began to burn.

It was as if time was not by her side
Nothing was in her stride
She loved the flowers of recovery kept beside
The vibrant colors and liveliness was not to hide.

Her dreams was now to the world
And her desires remained untold
But now everyone saw her riding
Towards the angel that she was sighting.

The church bell rang for the last time
Everywhere, there was no rhythm, no rhyme.
As everyone waited for the ‘dusk of tomorrow’,
She edged down the line of silence that was so narrow.

And now, there was nothing to say
She had gone and no one could stop that in any way.
Her bed was cleared and the room was cleaned,
All wept as one pearl had just left from the ‘family bead’.

But everyone believed she was nearby,
Somewhere, some place her soul wandered that never wanted to die.
We witnessed her boldness
Even in the eleventh hour, we saw her calmness.

Had now we realized,
She understood ‘life’ and she was wise.

As once the candle is lit
It has to melt and turn to just a ‘bit’.
And her example taught all,
To be brave and daring even in the final fall.