Unwholesome People

a poem by Sheela K . Sharath

The hindus have the Vedas
and the all-in-all Bhagavad Gita
The Koran sets the guidelines for
Ingrained in all christians are
the Holy Scriptures, the Ten
Commandmants and the all
encompassing Bible.
The sikhs have their Adi Granth.
The Zoroastrians have the Zend Avestha.
The Buddhists follow the Dhamapada.
The Agamas every bit of it
is practised by the
staunch jains.
The displaced chinese now
in our shores have
the Kings.

We have it all…
the holy sayings,
the holy doings,
the holy men,
the holy places,
the holy beads,
the holy threads
why then in the name
of all things holy
are we
the most
racist,casteist people
that ever walked
planet earth?