Poems by
Sheela K . Sharath

Cold Comfort

a poem by Sheela K . Sharath

When we met,
we had the world
and all its simple pleasures
at our feet!
As time went by,
you graduated to
flashy, worldly pleasures!

You coveted the ‘Kohinoor,’
the ‘Cullinan.’
the ‘Star of Africa!’
You wanted ‘De Beers.’
when, all I could afford
was ‘Estelle,’
the imitation sparkle!

You raved about your friend’s
‘string of ice…’
its cut, clarity,
colour and carat weight!
Amazed at your knowledge
I was instantly humbled
by my lowly 9 to 5 job
and meagre bank balance!

you left me for a guy
who gave you a 3 carat Solitaire,
a piece of the rock!

Chastened, bitter and dazed,
I watch you
hitch your wagon
to an imagined star!

Years later we meet,
you are dripping in diamonds,
you now have
what your heart desired!
Why then
do I miss
the sparkle of happiness
in your eyes
and contentment in your smile?

Is a diamond really woman’s best friend?