How did they partition India in haste?

a poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

How did they India
A country so vast and different
In culture, language, tradition, climate
Nature, behaviour and gesture
Custom, norm, nomenclature
So racially and culturally different
Linguistically, sociologically
In haste

Who, who were they
I want to know
Know them
Who, who were the personalities
I want to, want to
Treading the religious lines
Going communal, fanatical
And how did they the administrators approve of?

East Bengal from West Bengal
East Punjab from East Punjab
Cutting and joining
And re-joining,
Mapping and re-mapping
But how did they settle
How did they demarcate the land
Going against the innocent people
So ignorant of
Showing the dreams of freedom
But you say to me
Are the lands settled in this way?